floorplans and parti diagram
The floorplans are as shown above for my proposed environment. I wanted to keep the space as open as possible, similar to the layout of the Mattress Factory. This would help direct traffic at a leisurely pace and also allow the visitors to feel comfortable lingering in spaces.


The iceland photos from Meerdo's fellowship abroad would be blown up and meant to be representational of his early work.


The reflective elements are not restricted to the artwork or the walls, the tape is meant to pass through boundaries and serve as a guide for visitors.


Reflective tape moves from wall to floor, guiding visitor's eye path to the liminal boundary.


Projected interaction fills up the wall horizontally and provides enough room for a visitor to interact with the virtual reality world. Christopher Meerdo has hidden things within the VR worlds and finding them can be a game visitors can play. This engages the visitor with the exhibit as well as provides a unique experience.

reflective tape does not starkly contrast with floor thus minimally distracts; subtly guides visitor through gallery

tape on the floor serves two purposes: both as implicit boundary and gallery path

Physical Model:
The striated floor represents the painted wood floor intended to be used in the exhibit. It only exists in the back exhibit space and serves as a subtle hint to guide the viewer onward through the exhibit.
The reflective elements exist on both the floor and the walls, serving the purpose of guides and boundaries.
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