When it came down to think about this project, I really wanted to avoid making something that would just collect dust. Since this is a fabrication class, I figured this would be a good opportunity to make the physical components of one of my ongoing projects. 
I'm hoping to make a "toolkit" that incorporates physical learning with introductory web development. The kit is composed of physical blocks who's ratios/colors are object sensed by an overhanging cam. As the user moves the blocks around they can look over to their desktop client and see code generated in front of them. This helps draw a parallel between different relationships in html, css, and js with objects. By learning through a tangible interaction, users can better understand coding concepts and how they directly relate to the code. 
My plan is to CAD and manufacture better housing for the cam as well as the physical blocks. How I get them to communicate with each other ~conceptually~ seems attainable, but there definitely needs to be some research about how the electrical will work.

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