I became alot more comfortable in my design research skills, such as storyboarding, model-making, and prototyping (both digital and physical) through this project. When it comes to visual communication, this project has helped me understand when to apply storyboarding and how to effectively use prototyping. I found it difficult to communicate my ideas without some sort of visual aid and the models themselves filled the gaps.

When it comes to environments design as a whole, I still struggle with how I can best apply my abilities. With this project, I learned that I am the most effective communicator when I can sit down in front of work and understand how to tangibly put it together like sketching and model making. I found myself surprised at how much I ended up enjoying the digital 3D modeling process and I would like to see how I can push it further.

I feel like there is so much glamour around hybrid environments, alot of digital integrations that I had briefly entertained felt cheap and overdone. I wanted to propose something that was both conceivable and plausible, not just throw whatever technology I happen to know about at the problem. I had a difficult time striking a balance and I felt like alot of my thoughts were already done and were not innovative. Ideally, I would like to explore environments further to see how I can push digital interactions.
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